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Australian Financial Services Licence - 478606

Registered Tax Agent - 66366007

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Resources and Information Centre

Our Resources and Information Centre contains PDF files with important and useful data both in terms of information that we are obliged to pass on to you as well as information that we think would be of interest to you.  This is only a sample of the information we provide our clients and access to much more awaits you should you choose our firm.

Financial Services Guide


Our Financial Services Guide (FSG) is an essential statutory document that we give our clients or anyone contemplating using our firm.  Among many things it tells you our licensing details, our education & experience, the areas of advice we are licensed in, along with other information that assists in your better understanding of us and your rights when embarking on a financial advisory relationship. Our FSG changes from time to time and we update it on this site when that occurs.

Privacy Policy  


Protecting your Privacy is of paramount importance to both us as a firm as well as the regulators whose task it is to ensure an individuals privacy is not breached either knowingly or accidentally.   We give your right to privacy the highest attention in all that we do be that written, spoken or electronic.  Our Privacy Policy is attached to ensure you are aware of your rights and our obligations when it comes to our professional relationship with you. Please read it carefully.

Services Statements & Flyers 


These PDF's contain helpful information and are regularly  updated. 

Household Budget Planner 


Managing your finances well and understanding what is 'possible' in terms of financial planning usually starts with a good understanding of your living expenses. Our Household Budget Planner is designed to guide you and prompt you on all the things you are likely to spend your money on over the course of a year and as a result, will set the scene to determine what income is necessary to ensure that your planned expenditure is possible - print it out and you will be surprised at what you learn!