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What we do?

With over 30 years experience in advising both business and individuals there is nothing you need to know that we can't help you with - If your need is 'financial' we are the firm to talk to.  Trusted, Experienced and Approachable!
Retirement Planning
including Centrelink and Aged Care


Planning for retirement can be daunting with the need to consider both private and government pensions, aged care options, regular income planning along with Estate Planning and keeping up with all the changes that regular occur in these areas!

Worry no more- we've been doing this a long time and will have all the answers and support that you will ever need!



Investment & Lending
Property, Shares, Managed Funds & Lending

Investments take many forms from simple cash deposits to shares, property, managed funds, bonds and even private assets such as artwork and other precious items. At Hoddinott Consulting we analyse you, and all of these items, and give advice as to what would best suit your investment objectives. Most of all investments should be about 'achieving things that you value' and our investment advice will always be   directed to that primary living goal!

All returns and advice

We've all heard the saying about Death and Taxes right?  Well we guarantee we won't be responsible for your death but will be guilty when it comes to wanting to be involved in managing your taxes.  Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Goods and Services Tax (GST), Land Tax, Stamp Duties and indeed anything that involves paying the government money is squarely in our court!

Business Advice
When experience counts

Being in business for over 30 years and before that working in other businesses both large and small has resulted in our Firm being renown for its business advice and strategic business planning.  If you have business plans, be they at the start or along the way, we have experienced it all and can help you make the types of decisions that make the difference!

Accumulation and Pensions

​Superannuation is the backbone to our Retirement Planning whether it is in Accumulation Phase (when you are working) or Pension Phase (when you are retired). Sound management of your Superannuation at all times is critical so as to be  on target for your retirement plans and expectations. Whether you are 18 or 80 your Superannuation is Super important!


Estate Planning
Wills, Powers of Attorney, Guardianships, Probate and Trusts
Estate Planning is all about having the necessary documents in place to ensure your wishes are carried out if you are incapacitated or have died. Not having these documents in place can create significant problems and it is our advice that all adults should have them no matter what their financial circumstances.  Good Estate Planning creates certainty and peace of mind for all concerned.